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A Responsive pagination library can generate pagination like many others. But the main goal is to provide responsive functionality for hiding and showing some link buttons according to breakpoints.

Responsivity is fully controlled only by your own CSS classes, so can be used with Bootstrap, any other framework or custom solution.
It also can be used with any CMS. There is an example with Wordpress too.

Responsive pagination screenshot
Click to see full size

Live usage is available also on my blog (in Czech language).


composer require arxeiss/responsive-pagination

Usage and examples

Range explanation

The range argument specifies how many button links around the actual page button are shown to each side. But it is not the final amount of buttons, because first and last page buttons are not counted in as well as dots.

When the current page is first or last, the range is increased by 2. If the current page is second or second from the end, the range is increased by 1. The reason is simply to show more buttons when there is a space.

Range vs max visible items

There is a direct proportion between the range argument and the maximum amount of visible buttons. The easy equation is max buttons = range * 2 + 5. If you pass range into constructor or addBreapoint method, you can calculate how many buttons will be maximally visible. There is also a static method rangeToMaxVisible which does the same calculation.

Equation explanation: